1992 Launched in Firenze, Italy
1997 Launched in Korea
2000~2006 Launched Antique Opulency              Collection Series
2007 Launched New Technique Collection

2008 Launched Soft Romanticism &
             Techno Collection
2008 Launched Florence Edition &
             Eleven Bag Special Edition
2008 Metrocity Party with Free Tempo

2009 1st Metrocity Fashion show
2009 Global CEO award
2009 Collaboration with
             Chrity Doll Momo Edition

2010 Published Moda Cubo s.l.r
             (Achieving Global License)
2010 Miracle Campaign - Metrocity 1st Well
2010 2nd Metrocity Fashion show
2010 Launched Christmas Edition

2011 Milla Jovovichi Metrocity Muse
2011 3rd Metrocity Fashion show
2011 Miracle Campaign - Metrocity 2nd Well
2011 Launched Metrocity Fragrance “Black”
2011 Launched Valentine’s Day Collection
2011 14th Anniversary Edition

2012 4th Metrocity Fashion show
2012 Megan Fox Metrocity Muse
2012 Launched Metrocity Vacation Edition
2012 15th ValentineDay Edition
2012 Miracle Campaign - Metrocity 3rd Well
2012 15th Anniversary Garden Party
2012 Launched Metrocity Fragrance “Gold Breeze”
2012 Organized Yellow Lounge with Maisky
2012 Organized “W Korea New Talent Contest”

2013 Adriana Lima Metrocity Muse
2013 Launched Valentine’s Day Edition 2013
2013 5th Metrocity Fashion show
2013 Launched Metrocity Special Collection               …….“Glory”
2013 Launched Metrocity Fragrance “Glory”
2013 Launched Metrocity Cruise Collection
2013 Collaboration with Top Designer Season 1
2013 Collaboration with TV show ‘KBS Scout’
2013 Miracle Campaign for children
2013 Global CEO of Korea by Forbes Korea
2013 Metrocity Fashion Film Showcase
2013 Starred at Metrocity Dream Hunter

2014 Kate Benkinsale Metrocity Muse
2014 Collaboration with Korea’s Next Top Model
2014 Takashimaya Sinjuku in Japan Pop-up store
2014 Daikanyama Tsite Gallery 2015
             S/S Presentation in Tokyo
2014 Beams International Gallery in Tokyo Pop up
             store & Vogue Fashion Night

Out Japan
2014 109th Store launched
2014 Seoul Fashion Week 2015 S/S
2014 Mitsukoshi Nihonbashi Pop-up store
2014 Hankyu Umeda in Japan Pop-up store

2015 Jessica Alba Metrocity Muse
2015 Seoul Fashion Week 2015 F/W
2015 Established METROCITY JAPAN
2015 Launched Metrocity Japan online store
2015 Odakyu in Tokyo Pop-up store
2015 Launched Metrocity global online store
2015 Launched in Louisa Via Roma
2015 Collaboration with “Firenze4ever 11th”